Keeping Your Online Marketing Simple

A high-quality marketing professional understands that metrics are important to track their strategies. But with so many tools available to measure our online marketing efforts, it is easy to lose the forest through the trees. Whether you’re an old hat at online marketing, or this is your first foray into the digital advertising world, it [...]

How to Define Your Brand Image

Many small businesses struggle with establishing their own brand image. In fact, you might find that your customers are likely to form their own brand image of your company in their minds based on the brand images that your competitors have already established. You can take charge and define your own brand image yourself, and [...]

Improve Your Search Engine Rankings with Social Media

You know your customers are all over social media, but are you capitalizing on the opportunity? With the impact of social sites growing every day, and traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts remaining important, many marketing and PR teams aren’t sure where to place their focus. Luckily, even though the tools are changing, many of [...]

How to Successfully Use Twitter Hashtags

One of the first things people notice when they’re new to Twitter is that the pound symbol is everywhere. That symbol means something different in the Twitter universe. It’s called a hashtag, and words that follow it without spaces form a clickable link that directs you to a different timeline, filled with Tweets of other [...]

Traits of a Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

Mobile technology has become a centerpiece of advertising for businesses of all kinds. However, as it’s still a relatively new area for marketing, many companies are still struggling with the basics of putting together a successful campaign. Here are some characteristics that your mobile campaign should have to achieve the results you want: They stay [...]

How Online Niche Communities Can Help Grow Your Business

While marketing to mass amounts of people on Facebook and Twitter is certainly a good business strategy, you might find a higher success percentage by exploring your marketing options in online niche communities. These communities could be anything – message boards, blogs, Facebook or LinkedIn groups or otherwise, so long as they are related to [...]

How to Attract More Traffic to Your Website

There are a lot of attributes that make up the perfect website. However, even sites that have the absolute perfect design and structure would struggle if they failed to attract traffic. After all, without web traffic, you can not make any sales conversions through your website. Fortunately, there are ways that you can amend this [...]

Create Facebook Posts for Specific Demographics

Several new additions to Facebook brand pages have given business owners more options for how they narrow down target audiences for individual posts. Now, instead of sending one post out to the general masses that follow you, you have quite a few options of who you send posts to. These include narrowing the targeting down [...]

The Best Kinds of Facebook Posts to Create Engagement

The best Facebook marketing campaigns are the ones that create engagement. However, you could have a lot of followers and post every single day but still struggle with this. There are several types of Facebook posts that are proven to attract more engagement from your followers. These include: Pictures. Pictures are an easy way to [...]

Tips to Help You Practice Outstanding PR

One of the best ways to gain good public relations is to have other people push information about your brand. This can be done through social media, but even more effectively, it can be done through the general media as well. Building a solid relationship with a reporter can give your brand the extra nudge [...]