Create Facebook Posts for Specific Demographics

Several new additions to Facebook brand pages have given business owners more options for how they narrow down target audiences for individual posts. Now, instead of sending one post out to the general masses that follow you, you have quite a few options of who you send posts to. These include narrowing the targeting down by gender, “interested in,” relationship status, education and workplace. You could already target by age, location, and language.

So because of this, there are now quite a few more creative ways that you can reach your Facebook followers. For example, if you have a specific product, service or brand image that is marketed toward mothers and fathers, you could try filtering by married people over a certain age. If your company is focused on a back-to-school campaign, though, you could narrow your target down to college ages with an educational status of “in college.”

Another tweak to the old targeting model is that you no longer are limited to just being able to target location by country. You can also target states, regions or cities, depending on your specific need for your marketing campaign. This allows you to create more local social media campaigns, which is a major improvement over the old model.

In order to use these targeting options, you must be the admin of your page. You can name multiple admins for a brand page, but the original admin has to set the privileges for any additional ones.

These new developments for Facebook come (unsurprisingly) not long after Twitter added similar features. Twitter now allows you to create targeted tweets based on devices, platforms and locations. These targeted tweets are an enhancement to their promoted tweets feature, and allow advertisers to focus on specific demographics. These Facebook and Twitter additions show just how much of an influence businesses are having now on major social networks.

For more information about the new Facebook features for brand pages, and for assistance with creating your brand page, feel free to contact us today at Engelbrecht Advertising. Our marketing experts want to help you transform your online presence and revolutionize your business.

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