Making a Small yet Successful Marketing Campaign

Everybody wants to make a big splash with their marketing campaigns, and that’s totally understandable. However, you don’t necessarily always have to spend a lot on a gigantic marketing campaign in order to see significant success. In fact, sometimes the best advertising methods are those that are simpler and involve less spending and manpower. These smaller campaigns can come in between your more major endeavors, giving you some time to breathe in your down time while still putting effort into your marketing.

Consider some of these tips on how to make a small (yet successful) marketing campaign, and see if any of them would work for your business:

Try out new audiences. The larger campaigns you put together will focus on your core, established target audiences, because there would be greater consequences if it were to somehow fail. When you run a small campaign, try going after new niches. The best way to do this is to take a social approach, whether it’s through social networks or through on-site advertising. Then, once you’ve run this campaign for a while, conduct a survey of people in your new audience to see what their opinions of your brand are.

Try a different format. Just like with your audiences, smaller campaigns are the perfect time to try a completely new format for your marketing campaigns. Maybe you venture into the realm of viral video, or more on-site types of advertising. Whatever you choose, don’t be afraid to go with something new. The risk will be relatively low, but the potential reward could be very high.

Latch on to big events. You don’t necessarily have to spring the money to sponsor a major event, but you can find other ways to get your product or service associated with that event. For example, if a major festival were coming near your business, you could put together a pre-festival party or sale sponsored by your business, or a game driven by social media that focuses on the event. This gets your business attached to the event without being officially involved with it.

Start conversations. Everybody’s constantly looking for an outlet to express their opinions, so make your business’s presence felt on blogs, comment sections, and more. If you start conversations that are relative to your marketing efforts and make an effort to not appear like you’re there for the sole purpose of advertising, then people will be naturally interested in learning more about your brand.

Hunt down old targets. If there are customers or leads that you haven’t heard from in a while, you can start small campaigns to revive their interest in your brand. Since they definitely have had interest in your brand before, it should be easier to bring them back than it would be to bring in completely new customers.

For more tips on how to run a small and successful marketing campaign, be sure to get in touch with our advertising experts at Engelbrecht Advertising. We’d love to help transform your business!

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