Media Buying

Successful advertising is more than pretty pictures and clever tag lines. It’s also about getting your message seen and heard by the people you want to reach, when and where you need to reach them. That’s why effective media placement is both science and art. Yes, there certainly are mathematical formulas for calculating media buys, but the art is how you negotiate those numbers to achieve the lowest possible cost as well as choosing the right media mix to get the message to the specific people you want to reach. We also reconcile every media buy we place, ensuring you get all the exposure you pay for. That’s why we build healthy, mutually respectful relationships with our media partners.


On a national level we purchase broadcast network television, spot television, cable television, national radio, newspapers, magazine print and outdoor that maximize your return on investment. We combine individual services with major national buying clout to deliver the most effective mix of reach, frequency and programming as well as negotiated added value.

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On a regional level we purchase local broadcast network television, cable, radio and print that targets your audience with a timely call to action. As part of our negotiation process, we always look to deliver added value opportunities including local station partnerships and sponsorships. We’re proud to say we’ve developed strong personal relationships with all of our regional partners.

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