The Benefits of Advertising in Magazines

One might think that with profits in the print industry beginning to decline that advertising in magazines is no longer a viable option. This is the perception that many businesses seem to have, at least; magazine advertising revenue has seen significant declines in the past couple years. However, people in all demographics are now reading more magazines than ever before, and most of the revenue decreases can be attributed to the 2008 recession. As the economy continues to improve, look for magazine advertising revenue to quickly improve as well. Now is the time for you to start!

There are a wide variety of benefits that are specific to magazine advertising that your business may be able to take advantage of. Here are a few of them:

  • Image quality. Magazine is printed on a different type of paper than newspapers which allows for your images to be presented in a higher quality with their full color and gloss. This gives you the ability to present a clearer, more attractive image of your brand.
  • Demographics. Many magazines appeal to different niches and demographics. They could be people with certain hobbies, jobs, ages or otherwise. If you advertise in magazines that line up with your specific industry, you have a built-in target base that is easy to reach.
  • Geography. Whether you are a large or small business, you have the ability to advertise in magazines that are read all over the country. You can build your brand on a larger scale, as readers from within your demographic all over will see your advertisements.
  • Retention. People hold on to magazines or a lot longer than they hold on to newspapers, because they don’t come as often. They might have been attracted to a specific article in that issue. Since magazines are kept for longer, your advertisements in those magazines are kept for longer as well. Someone could very well pick up the magazine weeks after its initial issued date, and come across your business’s ad.

Magazine advertising might be expensive at first, due to the costs of printing on glossy paper. However, the returns can certainly be worth it if your business has a solid marketing and branding plan. This is where Engelbrecht Advertising can help you. Contact one of our advertising experts today to talk about how you can create an effective magazine advertising campaign.

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