The Best Kinds of Facebook Posts to Create Engagement

The best Facebook marketing campaigns are the ones that create engagement. However, you could have a lot of followers and post every single day but still struggle with this.

There are several types of Facebook posts that are proven to attract more engagement from your followers. These include:

Pictures. Pictures are an easy way to gain the attention of your Facebook followers and to encourage engagement. After all, they’re very quick; a person can look at a photo and instantly determine whether or not they “like” it. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Post photos that relate to your brand and contain a familiar image to maximize engagement. You can also have caption contests where you post a photo and instruct your followers to submit their best captions for it.

Fill in the blanks. Posts that encourage Facebook followers to fill in the blank that you provide are about as obvious as you can get when it comes to encouraging engagement. People love to try to get as clever as they can with fill in the blanks, which make them a favorite for brands to use consistently.

“Like this if…” posts. There’s no denying that “like this” posts create significant engagement, even if they seem to be a bit on the nose. These posts generally get more “likes” than posts that don’t ask for “likes,” and also encourage comments from people who chose to “like” that post.

Questions. Thoughtful or creative questions give your followers a chance to share their opinions and stories, and everybody loves to let their voice be heard. You can also pair questions with links that you post to articles or blog posts that relate to your brand, encouraging people to read the link and respond accordingly.

Quotes. Quotes are great for attracting “likes” on Facebook, especially if they come from a recognizable figure. Try to make sure that the quote has something to do with your brand, and that your followers will know who the person who said it is.

Lists. Start off a list on your Facebook page, something like “The 20 Best Features of (your new product),” or something else related to your brand. Give the first couple spots of the list, then leave the rest of the list up to your followers. They will quickly answer the call with comments that give their items to include on your list!

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