Tips to Help You Practice Outstanding PR

One of the best ways to gain good public relations is to have other people push information about your brand. This can be done through social media, but even more effectively, it can be done through the general media as well. Building a solid relationship with a reporter can give your brand the extra nudge it needs to achieve that next level of success.

Here are some tips that can help you to practice outstanding PR:

Target the right people. You want to build relationships with reporters and media members who cover your particular field and have a good reputation. These reporters also should be active on social media and have good followings.

Get their attention. One of the best ways to get the attention of a media figure is to reference his or her work. They likely get many other businesses or people throwing requests toward them every day, which means you need to make yourself stand out somehow. Try sending an email, tweet, or Facebook message that mentions that you read a recent article by them, and thought they’d be interested in learning more about a related area – one that your business focuses on. Reporters want to know their work is being read and appreciated.

Be patient. Just because you hear nothing in the few days after sending your pitch doesn’t mean that you have necessarily been turned down – reporters are busy people and likely get a lot of content sent their way. Feel free to send a brief follow-up message that’s just a few words in length to encourage a reply. However, make sure this follow-up message is helpful, and not annoying. For example, saying, “did you get my message” doesn’t help you at all, but offering samples is a great tactic.

Come with the hard facts. Reporters are much more likely to use your material if you come with data prepared. This makes your business look more legitimate and means they will have that much less research to do.

Don’t be afraid of rejection. You’re not going to get a hit with every reporter you approach. Keep trying – rejections happen!

Give as much as you get. Remember, the reporter needs to be able to get something out of your relationship as well. Don’t go simply seeking for free press – become a solid source for the reporter to use in future stories, even if those stories aren’t necessarily about your business.

For more tips about building your PR image through relationships with reporters and media outlets, contact us today at Engelbrecht Advertising. We help you build your brand into a recognizable and respectable machine!

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