Using Social Media to Create Anticipation for Events

Let’s say your business has a big event coming up, and you’re hoping it will really do wonders for your brand awareness. Obviously the planning of the actual event is going to be important. However, the quality of the event can only do so much—you need to ensure that you have people coming to the event, and moreover, that these people are excited about it.

So how can you generate excitement over this upcoming event? The answer lies within your social media networks. If you’re attempting to create a buzz among attendees, you can get people talking on social media to get the hype going.

Here are some tips that you might be able to use for your business’s next seminar, conference or event:

Create a Facebook event page. There’s a phrase many people use these days—“Facebook official.” This is used about relationship statuses, photos and events. When creating an event that you’re hyping up, be sure to make it “Facebook official” by giving that event its own page on Facebook and inviting a wide variety of people. Once you have attendees for that event, be sure to encourage discussion and activity on its timeline!

Use an official hashtag on Twitter. This hashtag could be the name of your event, a catchphrase or something that instantly makes people think of your brand. Advertise this hashtag on all of your social networks and your websites, and encourage people to tweet about your event using that hashtag. Once people start using it, be sure to retweet messages from excited attendees who are using that hashtag.

Give a theme to your advertisements. If you’re advertising your event on your website, blog or in other forms of media, try to come up with one consistent theme. The best themes will relate to your brand image while still drawing in a lot of attention from the general public. Make it something that people can relate to and get excited over! Try going retro, using images from pop culture or anything that you think people will have fun with. Put your official hashtag on all of these advertisements, as well.

Show what people are saying about you. Even once your event has started, you can post up Twitter walls throughout the area that show off what people are saying on the hashtag. This encourages attendees at your event to tweet about that event using that hashtag in hopes of having their tweet show up on the big boards!

Use videos. People love creative advertising—that’s part of the reason why Super Bowl ads are so highly anticipated every year. If you can come up with some creative videos to put on YouTube that hype up your event, it will be a great way to encourage people to spread the word.

There are many more creative, engaging ways to get people hyped up about your business’s upcoming event, and the advertising experts at Engelbrecht would love to talk to you about them. Contact us today!

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