Ways to Market Your Brand on LinkedIn

When many people think about social media marketing, their minds instantly go to Facebook and Twitter. However, LinkedIn can be a powerful advertising tool for your business, because its member base is made up of professionals who are looking for great networking opportunities. This more narrow demographic certainly can have its advantages.

Here are several tools that LinkedIn provides that will allow you to tap into the professionals on that network who would be interested in what your business has to offer:

Custom Groups: LinkedIn has both regular and custom groups, and the custom variety gives you more ability to customize the right side of your group’s page. This is a great advertising tool; you can add video or other media, bring in Twitter or RSS feed, or even integrate your business’s blog. You also have the option to add a poll, which will give you a way to get instant feedback from your group members.

LinkedIn Advertisements: These ads are pretty simple, and function quite a bit like the advertisements on Facebook. You can focus your ad based on where your business is located, its industry, size, target demographic and more. You have plenty of options to define your audience, within a LinkedIn audience that is already pretty well-defined. Once you’ve purchased your ad, it will run at either the top, bottom or right side of a member’s profile page. Your ad can contain text, an image or both.

Display Advertisements: These advertisements give you more options than standard LinkedIn ads. Much like with Custom Groups, you can add video, blog and twitter feed and more. Many users opt to create “recommendation ads,” so that if anyone in your LinkedIn network recommends your business, it will show up in this space.

Partner Messages: These messages are similar to regular InMail (private email) messages on LinkedIn, but these allow you to send messages in bulk to a specifically targeted audience. They give you the option to include a landing page, advertisement and call to action. However, a partner message can only be sent once every 60 days.

These are just a few of the LinkedIn-specific tools for advertising that your business can take advantage of. If you’re looking for any specific suggestions for your brand, be sure to contact Engelbrecht Advertising for help!

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