We Specialize In:


Designing graphics, photography and copywriting that sparks interest and flips your brain switch on.

Digital Marketing

Scanning the digital universe for new trends and platforms, providing you with laser focused campaigns specifically designed to get you the most in this ever changing and competitive environment.

Radio + TV

Developing creative full of electricity that engages, influences and sometimes shocks your target audience.

Media Buying

Wrangling, negotiating and courting the media (sometimes) on your behalf to get you the lowest rate, best placements and highest profit potential for your successful campaign.

We live for those

light bulb moments.

Our whole team lives to flip that switch in your customer’s brain. You know, the one that turns on their “buy” light. What sparks your curiosity?

Engelbrecht Advertising is proud to be recognized as the top advertising agency in Northern California for the last 25 years. Our campaigns are specifically designed to turn on your target audience and we have enthusiastically lit up companies large and small throughout the U.S. and Europe.

We firmly believe that great ideas don’t have to cost a fortune, they simply must be worth one.

Your partners in advertising.

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