Keeping Your Online Marketing Simple

A high-quality marketing professional understands that metrics are important to track their strategies. But with so many tools available to measure our online marketing efforts, it is easy to lose the forest through the trees.

Whether you’re an old hat at online marketing, or this is your first foray into the digital advertising world, it always helps to take a step back and determine whether you’re focusing on the things that matter. Next time you talk about your digital marketing plan with your team, try these tips for simplifying your online strategy:

Design for Your Consumer

A common trap in online marketing is to chase any new and exciting idea that passes across your screen. But what works for a high-powered tech brand, a big box store, or a small local restaurant just may not be effective for your brand. Always remember who your consumer is, and use that picture to drive your online marketing efforts.

Provide Customization and Access

Take a moment to remove yourself from your office, and experience your online advertising and web content from the viewpoint of your target consumer. Are you truly thinking about them – and the types of online content they view and use – when developing your placement strategy?

Next, consider what the experience is for your consumers once they have chosen to engage with your brand. Are there roadblocks to accessing content? Is your site difficult to navigate or does it require multiple log-ins? Is it easy and quick to start engaging with your brand online? Online marketing is a two-way street, so be sure you aren’t taking up both lanes.

Don’t Forget New Technology

It’s not enough anymore to focus exclusively on how your web content is experienced on a traditional Internet browser. In a world where your consumers are constantly connected through smart phones and tablets, consider how your content needs to change for an easy user experience.

However, although your design elements may change, be sure there is a unifying theme to your advertising – regardless of where your consumers access it. Think about where your target market is most likely to access and engage with your content (Their phones? Their computers?), and develop outward from that platform.

Is your head spinning from all the online marketing options out there? Contact Engelbrecht Advertising today – we can help simplify your efforts, and put you back on track toward a more effective digital strategy.

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