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About This Project

Betsy was born and raised in Napa Valley, where she attended Napa Junior College to play softball and major in accounting/office administration (with a minor in wine tasting). She then landed a position as an Office Administrator/Bookkeeper for a law firm in Napa. After she met her husband Barry (a firefighter!), they moved to Chico to put down roots. Betsy worked for a reputable law firm in town, all the while raising two sons. After 26 years in the legal field, she was steered right into the arms of Engelbrecht Advertising where she quickly mastered the ins and outs of the advertising industry and the company’s finances. Although spending time with family is first priority, Betsy also volunteers in the community and advocates to keep athletics thriving in the school system. One of her personal mantras is: “There is a solution to every problem; find that solution.” She’s Miss Practical, and gosh we love her for it.